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But once your phone is plugged into a computer running i Tunes, the update goes mostly smoothly — and it won't erase your data.

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The most popular categories, based on one-month retention rates, are Games, Social, Local, Health and Fitness, and Shopping.t’s official – the world of the conventional app is on the verge of extinction.In the place of the app will rise bots – intelligent beings that sit within fewer apps and talk to you via chat, just like a helpful assistant who texts you.Interacting with these bots is a bit like typing a search into Google , except you can go beyond asking questions.Depending on what the bot is made for, it could book restaurants or flights, make appointments, send emails or order takeaway for you.All you have to do is drop it a message in a familiar app like Facebook Messenger or Skype. efore we get into the rise of the bots, apps deserve a quick eulogy.Without the support of a strong local community, Chatbot Conf would not be possible at all.If you want to be part of the event organization, please send us an email or join the "Call for Volunteers" which will be announced a few weeks prior to the conference.

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As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and religion (or lack thereof). With the news last week that Facebook is opening up new tools to developers that will make it easier to create these chat bots, Ad Age spoke with Imperson Chief Technology Officer Eyal Pfeifel about how these bots work and why brands might use them for marketing campaigns or customer service. Brands like Disney have worked with tech firms like Disney-backed Imperson to create chat bots on Facebook's Messenger service so people can have conversations with computerized versions of characters like ABC's "The Muppets" star Miss Piggy without needing to staff an actual human on the other side of the conversation.Careful Bridget, looks like Poncho is trolling you again. This type of simple task box can also be found on other chatting services such as Skype, and Telegram. At my company Dashbot, we’ve processed nearly 2 billion messages in the past 11 months.Since we are working with a big range of different speakers and panelists, the final agenda will be released around mid September.