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I turn to the trucker sitting in the driver's seat, his eyes frank with lust.

The place hums with the vibration of the idling engine.

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I sighed, shook myself off, zipped up my gray dress slacks and flushed. He didn't slacken his pace, but as I gazed after him he glanced again over his shoulder. As I lean down my nostrils catch a faint whiff of his clean scent. "Don't stop," he protests, but settles for keeping me near the action while he jacks himself furiously. I'm breathless and sweating too, despite the air-conditioned cab. "Tastes good." He considerately hands me a roll of paper towels from somewhere nearby. There's a wet spot on my briefs in the middle of the bulge in front.All gay truckers adult content of this site is provided by member posts and profiles, members must use appropriate judgement when posting images as to appropriate content, copyright, and other legal concerns when posting to the gay trucker site.Gay Trucker Members are accountable for all content that they post. A hogger sees a lot of interesting things from the cab of a bigrig!It just never seems to occur to folks roaring down the freeway that truck drivers are in a position to look right down into their laps, even in a closed car.The gay truck driver material on this server is adult, gay truckers oriented and/or sexually explicit, and is related to material of an adult nature.